Every once in a while, cookies can be stored on a user’s computer. Cookies are used to collect information to help identify, for example, from which web site you transferred to your current location, which of our www-pages you have visited and when, what browser you are using, what the resolution of your screen is, what operating system you are using, and what the IP address of your computer is, that is, the Internet address you are sending information from and receiving it at.

Cookies allow the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences to monitor the number of users visiting a particular service and analyze user data to improve the service. Also, partners of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences may use cookies to collect information on visits to particular sites in order to more specifically target their advertisements. Information acquired with the help of cookies is used to produce advertisements on the basis of users’ interests. When doing this, individual users are not identified, and no data about individual users is linked to any of their personal information that may be acquired in other context.

The user can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings. By doing this, the user accepts the possibility that certain services may not function properly if cookies are not enabled.