In this project the main theme was networking and learning from innovative physical activity promotion activities in four EU countries. Project outcomes achieved during project were disseminated through each partner own networks.

The concrete project outcomes are

  • 250 new ideas and events on the project idea map
  • each partner visited at least 10 local/regional/national/international events
  • information put out through webpage and social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • reports from seminars
  • project application for Erasmus+ Sport (VOMGO accepted and started 1.1.2020)

All activities were accomplished by involving students  of Universities of Applied Sciences into the project.

More VOMNET results on Erasmus+ Project results Plattform  


We organized four seminars sharing best practices of inclusion of youth, children, adults and elderly in sport activities.

  • Seminar 1, Youth, Mikkeli, Finland 13.3.2019
  • Seminar 2, Children, Leuven, Belgium 19.6.2019
  • Seminar 3, Adults, Leiria, Portugal 20.09.2029
  • Seminar 4, Elderly, Kaunas, Lithuania 28.11.2019
Seminar presentations:

The project objectives were:

  1. More awareness and tools for social inclusion, equal opportunities in sport and health enhancing physical activity (HEPA)
  2. Awareness and examples of the possibilities to use means of culture of experimentation in already existing public service structures in rural areas promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities in sport and HEPA