Welcome to develop your sport club with us. Villages on the Move Go promotes the resilience and social sustainability of small and mainly voluntary sport clubs in rural areas.

Presentation of project

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You can join our hackathons in 7 countries to make your sport club successful (follow the timetable)

Stories of the Fire Souls

We publish stories of passionate sport promoters, fire souls. The fire souls come from sport clubs, village associations, schools and sport institutions.


With our handbook you make your sport club succesfull. You can follow the collection of the handbook here and suggest your own good case studie to be added in the handbook.

Map application

With our map application you can search ideas, events and fire souls or share your own events and ideas.

Main events

Exhibition of the fire souls in Sport

Coming in 2022


Erasmus+ Sport project Villages on the Move Go introduces stories of passionate persons activating people in 7 European countries. Stories in the exhibition are collected from rural sport clubs, federations and schools.

Final conference of VOMGO

in May 2022 in Finland


Urheiluseurahackaton – nuoret yli seurarajojen

Date: 11 November 2020 at 17:00 p.m.

Place: Online event (Teams)

Registration: in Facebook

Hei sinä nuori urheilija tai valmentaja!
Tervetuloa verkkotapahtuma hackatoniin, jossa pääset ideoimaan ja kehittämään nuorten yhteisöllisyyttä ja seurojen välistä yhteistyötä yli lajirajojen. Tapahtuma on avoin Etelä-Savon alueen urheiluseurojen nuorille, valmentajille sekä muille eri toimijoille. Hackaton järjestetään Teams-alustalla. Mukaan pääset liittymään Facebookissa olevan linkin kautta tapahtumapäivänä.
Nähdään hackatonissa!

Hackaton event by ESLi at Juva family sport day

Date: 22 October 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

Place: Sampolan vesiliikuntakeskus, Juva

Registration: in Facebook

How to attract and motivate volunteers to join local sport clubs?
Villages on move GO project challenge people from very different backgrounds to find solutions to challenges that were detected during research and interviews with our fire souls. We are developing toolkit book to help sustainability for small village sport clubs.

HACKATHON VOMGO ESLi and XAMK together with fire souls from Finland

Date: 29.4.2021

Place: Online event 

Challenge: Cooperation with other sport clubs on local and regional level

Fire souls hackaton

Date: 14th January 2021 at 19:00 p.m. CET

Place: Online event (Teams) / Belgium

Hackathon was joined by fire souls who presented different challenges to be discussed:

  • finding someone to help with technical skills in certain sports
  • disciplines in sport clubs
  • recruiting new members
  • parents role
  • finding volunteers …




LFO Multiplier event and Hackathon

Date: 4 December 2021, starting at 9:30 am
Place: Jardim das Almoinhas, Leiria

LFO will make a Disc Golf tournment to see if can be fairly played between everyone equally, so we will have disabled people, elderly and children joining and share the experiences they had. Our Challenge is to have sports available equally and fairly to everyone.






Hackaton event by Center for Social Innovation Cyprus and fire soul sport club TALENTO Sports Academy

Date: 26th of September 2020

Place: Cyprus

A hackathon for physical activity promotion was organized by the Center for Social Innovation – CSI and the fire souls club TALENTO Sports Academy on the 26th of September, in the context of the Villages on Move Erasmus + project. It was an inspiring, entertaining, and active event where parents and children came together into challenging physical activity! 🏃‍


Idea generation multiplier and Hackathon event

Date: 11.9.2021
Place: Dobogókő, Hungary

In the chatelet there gathered almost 50 delegates of various tourist associations and discussed the change of organization possibilities as well as rejuvenalization opportunities in the touristic field. Ideas were gathered on cultural and touristic future activities, too. Crosskovacsi team presented the VOMGO project and its main outcomes and called for joining the project mission in popularizing sport and physical activities.

Hackathon: physical activity promotion in Lithuanian regions

Date: 15 October 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

Place: Kauno kolegija

Registration: in Facebook

Kauno kolegija vykdo “Erasmus+ Sport” projektą “Villages on the move GO”, kuris skatina savanoriškų sporto organizacijų veiklą bei socialinį tvarumą kaimiškose vietovėse. Jiems reikia paramos ir metodų, kaip organizuoti darbą, siekiant užtikrinti sveikatą stiprinančius fizinio aktyvumo veiklų prieinamumą skirtingoms tikslinėms grupėms: vaikams, suaugusiems, pagyvenusiems žmonėms bei specialioms grupėms, tokioms kaip imigrantai ar pabėgėliai.

Eskpertai, studentai, inovatoriai, pilietinių iniciatyvų vykdytojai ir kūrybiški piliečiai kviečiami dalyvauti diskusiniame seminare spalio 15 dieną ir kurti novatoriškas idėjas, siūlyti sprendimus, kurie gali padėti skatinti gyventojų fizinį aktyvumą bei sportą regionuose.

Seminaro tikslas – konkrečių ir efektyvių sprendimų atradimas, o ne tik idėjų pateikimas. Geriausi siūlymai bus atvirai skelbiami svetainėje, kad galėtų susipažinti visi besidomintys projekto veikla.

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences implements the Erasmus + Sport project “Villages on the move GO”, which promotes the activities and social sustainability of voluntary sport clubs in rural areas. These clubs and their organisators need support and methods of arranging work to ensure access to health-enhancing physical activity activities for different target groups: children, adults, the elderly and special groups such as immigrants or refugees.

Experts, students, innovators, civic initiators and creative citizens are invited to take part in a discussion seminar on 15 October to develop innovative ideas and solutions that can help promote physical activity and sport in the regions.
The aim of the seminar is to discover concrete and effective solutions, not just to present ideas.

The best proposals will be published on the website for everyone interested in the project.

Cooperational events

















Date: 7.8-8.8.2021
Place: Kahuna Surf house

Some kinds of sports let you fly! 🪁🏄‍♂️

This August (7/8-8/8), we had the chance to watch many athletes battle against wind and waves in the King of Kite Championship, one of the biggest Kite-Surfing competitions in Europe, taking place at the windy shores of Larnaka Softades beach, Kiti .

The event was a smashing success, with Kite-Surfers from around the globe giving their best to become the new Kings and Queens of this sport! The event was attended by over 1,500 people, who got to enjoy a spectacle that only Kite-Surfing can offer! The multiplier event was coordinated successfully by Mike Koliandris our EU Project Manager),  Kahuna Surfhouse (Event Leader), Louka Pitot Kiteboarding (Redbull Athlete) Elias Elmanto (Project Firesoul). We want to thank them for making this Multiplier Sport Event possible!






Multiplier Sport Event

Date: 30th of October 2021 at 10.30 AM
Place: Rietavas, Lithuania
Contact: in Facebook

We invite everyone to participate in family sports day in Lithuania on 30th of October! Let’s meet in Rietavas.
Kviečiame visus dalyvauti šeimų sporto šventėje ir aktyviai praleisti paskutinį spalio šeštadienį! Susitikime Rietave.